Thursday - August 16th - Oakleaf Pick Up

CSA Partners:  We will ask you to unload your own CSA box just tomorrow during pick up at Oakleaf.  Please leave  your empty box in the trailer ---  We need all "hands on deck" tomorrow for putting siding on the barn using a rented lift....that is a challenge to schedule!  Thank you for your "self serve" this week for us!!  HHF 

Weekly Box August 13th...already!

A lot of variety this week!  Micro greens next week and lettuce back in the box soon!  Darn little deer.... haven't seen them since Haaken let them know they aren't welcome!  The barn is coming along really well.  The inside cooler is close to being finished and the siding goes on the barn at the end of this week!

Green Beans

Yellow Beans


Cherry Tomatoes

Husk Cherries




Green Peppers


Green Onions

Baby Kale

Brussels  Sprouts

Hakuri Turnips 

July 31, 2017 Weekly CSA

Your weekly veggies are:


Swiss Chard

Paddy Pan

Zucchini - one very large one - please see the Zuc Boat recipe!


Husk Cherries - Open the little lantern that holds the cherry and only eat the inside cherry!


Mint - For your summer drinks!

Spring Mix lettuce - extra dry - if you wash again, spin very well

*2 Young deer ate a 50 foot bed of Butterhead lettuce....."Bonnie and Clyde" filled up at HHF.

Sakura Tomatoes



July 24, 2017 Weekly Harvest

A taste of Peas ---- more to come!

Romanesco --- cook like you would broccoli or cauliflower

Butterhead Lettuce

Brussel Sprouts



Green Onions


Jalapenos --- not hot ones

Radicchio --- adds flavor to your base salad

Brussel Sprout directions in Nanny's Recipe section!