Seeds are IN!

When the seed boxes start to arrive we get pretty excited on the farm!  Even when the snow is high and it's only suppose to reach 19 degrees for the day.  We have been having fun plotting out our new vegetable beds and designing a better water system.  Every season brings new ideas and new trials.  We are setting up the first floor of the barn for production and for CSA members to pick up their boxes right out of our walk-in cooler!  This way if there is something a family doesn't eat, they can exchange it for something else.  Plus...everyone gets to pet Haaken, which he just waits for each week!  

We Want Spring!

We have been working on seed orders, finishing the office space in the barn, planning out the fields, and gearing up for our next season!  Now, if the weather would just hurry up and send us spring.  Our CSA Partners will be receiving sign-up information this next week and incentives to send us new CSA Partners!  We appreciate you sharing Haaken Hill Farm news and adding to our membership number.  This season we will really have a place to change vegetables out and comfortably sit on the barn deck to watch the veggies grow!  See you soon!


Volume One Best of Chippewa Valley 2017!

It's amazing, but we actually STARTED this category with this contest for CSA businesses!  I called last year and asked if they would add this category to the contest.  And they did!

We won second place last year.  There were only 5 or 6 businesses listed and this year there are 19!  Log on, and vote for the farm!

You do have to log give your email address, so we appreciate  you going the extra mile for us.

Go HHF!!!