Katie, from Cedar Bee Farms will be at the farm on Monday, June 11th to bring fresh natural strawberries for you to purchase!  They are 5.00 a pint.  These are chemical free and you can't beat them!  If you are interested in saving a pint or two or three for yourself, email me at haakenhillfarm@gmail to place your order.  I think it's summer!


Delay - Delay - Delay

This has been the most frustrating spring since we moved back to the Midwest 8 years ago.  I look out the barn window and I am imagining Christmas time...not April!  There is a little consolation knowing that all CSA farmers across our country are having the same issues with weather.  It's crazy!  We are still seeding and keeping plants in the Hoop House, but our plans must change with the weather difficulty.  We will plan to start our boxes 2 weeks later that usual this year.  Our goal is to extend the season with more fall vegetables for our partners.  If we could change the weather this would be done immediately.  We will keep you all posted and thanks for signing up for the coming season.

Haaken Hill Farm + Cedar Bee Farm = Awesome!

We are thrilled to announce a new chapter in the HHF story.  I was on a panel discussion with one of the owners of Cedar Bee Farm at CVTC business education center and during the workshop I kept thinking how much Cedar Bee Farm sounded like our farm!  After the workshop I introduced myself and from there the conversation grew into what we will be able to offer our CSA Partners this season.  Haaken Hill and Cedar Bee make a perfect healthy eating partnership for YOU!  We will now be able to offer pork, chicken, honey, and strawberries that are all top grade natural products from Cedar Bee Farm.  The meat is USDA certified and processed locally to offer safe, quality meat.  The honey is processed at Cedar Bee and the strawberries are grown in a Hoop House just like ours with NO chemicals.  Wow!  Real Strawberries!!  Details about ordering this season will be posted on our sign-up page, but we couldn't wait to share this news!  Next blog with be about our families and the farm tours we shared together.  (Haaken is thrilled about this news too.)